Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Market: Command & Control / Traffic Management

System Integrator: Traffic Management Systems (TMS)

Solution: Multiple LED LCD Video Wall Arrays

On each weekday, some 750,000 vehicles use the Ayalon Highway, which serves as a fast metropolitan freeway for the millions of inhabitants of the Tel Aviv metropolitan region ( "Gush Dan"). The Ayalon Highway is one of the top-level roads in Israel. Built to the highest standards, it enjoys a high standard of supervision and maintenance. It was designed as a freeway, with 3 lanes in each direction, from the Herzliya interchange in the north to the Holot and Kibbutz Galuyot interchanges in the south. In January 2000, a traffic control system was inaugurated in the central part on the Ayalon Highway, the first of its kind in Israel. The system was designed and built with the aid of leading and experienced companies (TMS + PRIMEVIEW) in the field both from Israel and abroad. Similar systems have been installed on freeways in the United States, Europe, and Japan.
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